Release of the Full and Short FAD – Mu.Ta.Lig COST Action CA15135 Video produced by Net4Science

Release of the Full and Short FAD – Mu.Ta.Lig COST Action CA15135 Video produced by Net4Science

Net4Science is proud to announce the release of the Full and Short versions of the Final Action Dissemination (FAD) – Mu.Ta.Lig COST Action CA15135 Video, which are now available at the

The Mu.Ta.Lig COST Action started on April 2016 with the aim to join several highly-qualified research teams to improve the multi-target drug discovery. It has been active for four years and more than 30 European countries have been involved in this project. Net4Science started to strongly collaborate with the Mu.Ta.Lig COST Action for scientific and dissemination projects. Indeed, most of the Net4Science publications were made in collaboration with this COST Action. Additionally, another effective project carried out by the Net4Science spinoff was the recent release of three Chemotheca video tutorials, created with the aim to support the use of the Chemotheca tool.

Last October it was planned the idea to complete the dissemination program through the collection of all the documentation related to the meetings, scientific publications, mobility and interviews, which gave birth to the Final Action Dissemination (FAD).

Both of the FAD versions highlight the four-year journey of the Mu.Ta.Lig COST Action CA15135 as well as the main outputs achieved, including publications on peer-reviewed articles, scientific contributions held during the Annual Meetings, the Working Group (WG) Meetings and the Training Schools. Further documentation and the goals achieved are also exposed through the WG leader’s interview.

Unfortunately, the COVID emergency created some problems and has delayed the production of the planned FAD multimedia product, but it didn’t prevent the release exactly on the day expected (April 21st 2020).

Both the two YouTube versions of the FAD video are accessible through the official website or directly to the following links:

Short version (about 4 min)

Full video  (about 18 min)

The capacity of the Net4Science spinoff to valorize the consistent scientific efforts done in this four-year extraordinary journey is demonstrated in this multimedia product and can be considered an added value of this innovative SME.